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Mircea Cristea CollegeBetween the 3rd and 7th of February 2020, the Technical College „Mircea Cristea” (Romania) carried out a series of activities within the LIVINGRIVER project. The activities consisted of interactive lessons about “Aquatic Ecosystems” held with the...

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D. Duarte Secondary School As saídas de campo realizadas no âmbito da proteção de cursos de água, decorreram durante os meses de novembro e dezembro e foram orientadas pelos professores Aires Alexandre e Teresa Lopes, no troço do rio Dueça – afluente do rio Ceira....

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Balıkesir Üniversitesi is organizing the short-film contest in Turkey. In Turkey, from 22 January to 15 February the students have a break from school lessons, allowing them more time to develop a short film. The process has been of the contest has been discussed wth...

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It has been difficult for the Spanish schools to return to normal life due to the global pandemic. However the Spanish associated school started with the first part of the Litter Bag Technique work. In autumn, the schools collected the leaves for the experiment, they...

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